The college process is one of the most emotionally draining times for a teenager.  All your life you have thought about attending your “dream school” and you have tried your hardest in hopes that one day you will be admitted.  When the time comes to submit your application, anxiety appears.  There is nothing more you can do once you have sent the application in, you cannot go back to freshman year and start all over.   After the application is submitted, it is time to wait.   Everyday when you get home from school you check your mailbox hoping and praying you see the big envelope.  Finally, you come home, you check your mailbox, and sadly the letter is not the size you were hoping for. 
          Being rejected from your dream school is by far one of the worst feelings you can feel as a teenager.  In that moment, you feel like a failure, an idiot, and you really start to think your life is over.  You begin to ask yourself questions like, “Why did they not want me?” and “How did so and so get in over me?”  Then your parents and friends reply with such cliché responses such as, “Its their loss!” and “Don’t worry everything happens for a reason!”  Although your loved ones are trying to help you out, they are only making things worse.  It takes a long time to get over the fact that you will not be attending the school of your dreams in the fall.  But believe it or not, you do actually get over it.
          I was rejected from my dream school last year and it was awful.  I had so many emotions running through me.  I was very sad, disappointed, anxious, and most of all angry.  I was also shocked that I did not get in because I was pretty confident that I was a well-rounded student, and isn’t that what colleges are looking for now a days?  After all of those emotions went away and reality set in I came to a realization, not getting into my dream school was the best thing to happen to me!  I have never been so motivated in my life, I earned a 4.0 my first semester and hopefully I will earn another 4.0 second semester.  For once in my life I decided to make a bad situation positive.   I told myself that one day I would attend my dream school, whether it was the following semester or the following year.  I hope that high school seniors realize that getting rejected from their top choice is not the end of the world and everything does actually happen for a reason!

Why being rejected from my dream school was the best thing to happen to me...