Every Mother’s Day, my friends and acquaintances post about their amazing mothers and claim that they have “The WORLD’S best mom”.  Every time I see those posts, I giggle.  I don't laugh because they are not amazing mothers, I laugh because they are lying about having the world’s best mom.  My mom is the world’s best mom and there is no arguing about it, straight facts, she is the best.  I know that everyone claims they have the best mom, but there can only be one and luckily I got her.  I could go on for days about why my mom is “The world’s best mom” but I know none of you would want to read something that long, so I will sum it up.
            My mom has never missed anything of mine whether it was a sporting event or a dance recital.  If she did miss one of those events, which I cannot recall, she had a very good reason.  At every one of my sporting events, she was not only my biggest fan, but also my entire teams biggest fan.  Everyone on my team loved when my mom would enter the gymnasium or pool because we all knew that we would have at least one fan!  Whenever I needed some motivation to swim a little harder or run a little faster, I would just look over to my mom and instantly I swam harder and ran faster.  I could always count on my mom to be at every single one of my games, and even when I asked her not to go, she would still show up.  Although she thinks she understands how much that meant to me, she really doesn’t understand.
            Not only is my mom physically there for me but she is also there for me emotionally.  It truly amazes me how she knows exactly what to say to calm me down and cheer me up.  Sometimes she knows I’m upset before I even know I’m upset.  When I was going through some of the toughest days and nights of my life, my mom was always there to make sure I knew that everything would eventually be okay.  Her positivity through those days and nights taught me that if you think good thoughts you will feel better and have good outcomes. 
            My mom is also the best person to gossip with.  Although many girls gossip with friends they trust, everyone still has a slight fear those friends will tell someone else.  I have never once feared that my mom would go behind my back and tell my dad that I think he is wicked annoying.   Although my dad already knows I think he is wicked annoying because I tell him, he would never hear it from my mom.  She is my girl and will always have my back.  Not only do I trust my mom, whenever I complain to her about someone or something she will give the best advice possible and she always knows how to fix the problem.
            I know my mom is, “The WORLD’S best mom”, because she is also the world’s best friend.  She lets me know when clothes don’t look right, but in a kind and loving way.  I love that about her because I need to know if I look good or bad in an outfit.   A lot of friends don’t tell their true and honest opinions in fear they will hurt your feelings.  My mom also understands what it is like to be a teenage girl.  Although every mother has been a teenage girl at some point in their life, they eventually forgot the struggles.  Not my mom, she gets it and she wants me to tell her my problems with boys and life because she knows it is a crucial time in my life.  In order to be the world’s best mom, you have to be the world’s best friend.
            Lastly, I know my mom is the world’s best mom because she is the most selfless woman I have ever known.  Through her toughest days and nights, she made sure that she put on a smile for my brother and myself.  She sacrificed her happiness in order to maintain her children’s happiness.  I didn’t notice when she was going through her tough times because she never threw herself “pity parties” or felt bad for herself.  If I went through the horrible things she went through, I would never be able to be as strong as she was.  She always put her children and loved ones before her when at times she should not have.
            Although there are plenty of amazing and dedicated mothers out in the world, someone has to be the greatest and best.  I, for some crazy reason was gifted with the best mom!  I am not sure why I was blessed with such an amazing mother, but I certainly do not deserve her.   I could NEVER repay her for all she has done for me, besides write this and thank her for always being there for me.  I am so happy to call her my mother and have her by my side through out my crazy life.  I love you so much mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of The WORLD’S Best Mom

My Mom Is Better Than Your Mom...